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From "UN in Africa Radio"
with Interviewer/Producer Joselyn Sambira


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      Former Model leaves Runway to become a teacher





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Marcia McBroom  utilized her celebrity status (portraying the character of “Susie Martins”) to create a breast-feeding poster to promote the many benefits of “Mother’s Milk.” She donated the poster to UNICEF, and they distributed it to over 33 countries worldwide.  Mrs. McBroom-Small later received a request from the New York State Department of Health to place the poster in clinics and WIC centers throughout the state.


   Again featured as "Susie Martin's" Marcia McBroom    modeled to promote various products through out Africa.

Chapter in Malawi,
Central Africa 

Hi Everyone, 


Just wanted to share this latest letter from our FOR OUR CHILDREN'S SAKE chapter in Malawi, Central Africa.  We make every attempt to extent our limited funds as best we can and in a way asked for by the people on the ground.  I hope that each of you will take this information and continue to support us as best you can FOR OUR CHILDREN'S SAKE.


Marcia L. McBroom Small


Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009

Dear Mama
Hope that you're doing fine. We are doing fine. Many thanks for your email. We are more than happy to hear from you and we do appreciate. Well! On the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Honorable Joyce Banda MP. When the date was agreed of the meeting on 26th March 2009 ,it was discovered that with her tight schedule due to the fact that she has been elected as a Presidential Running Mate for the Ruling Party, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the elections time looming the meeting was postponed. We got a communication through her Personal Assistant that she would not make it for she had to travel for the Campaign Launch which was postponed on 22nd March 2009, Sunday to 26th March 2009, Thursday. But she promised to meet us before elections if any chance arises.

On Chikwawa , so far on the Achievements of our children initiative, it has been discovered that the Promotion of children's education in our community has been a success for more children are going to school than before. This has been attributed to good learning environment at school further distribution of school materials like exercise books, pencils, rulers' footballs and netballs has also played a past for the
children are able to play soccer/netball during break time after school as part of fun and fitness. It has also be noted that the distribution of clothes to the disadvantage
children and paying fees to some pupils has also played an important role. On the children being supported all have passed and 4 have been selected to Secondary Schools, 3 girls and 1 boy. Those who failed we have encouraged them to repeat and are repeating. However the problem of fees is hampering our aim of assisting these pupils attain education. Having seen this problem we need to increase beneficiaries of our school fees initiative for us to help more children qualify. On the women who showed a desire to operate a Bakery this idea was shelved after a meeting with them and instead they opted for the Goat keeping program. To them they thought that the goat keeping initiative is more viable than the bakery concept. So we'll do according to their wish. Some women were provided with chickens as a way to empower those who didn't benefit from the goat initiative. So far the chickens were given to women about 10 of them who helps the chief's wife in sewing clothes for the children. About coops of chickens we'll encourage them to make it for the chickens and send more on this. We also want if you have books on chicken and Goat keeping as we can learn some tips from others. The breakfast program for the children stopped last year. This was a result of our Financial position. We thought it is unethical to start it again and stop and the middle of a school term due to funds. However it has been a good program for it Indeed encouraged many children to go to school and if funds permit we might resume. Well! During our first Budget this year March 2009 we didn't assist the Mitengo School with their proposal but we promised them to do it. This month as the children are on Holiday and they will start classes soon. So the budget for this Month is for Mitengo School and Fees for the pupils. Well! About Soldier, chief's family and the woman whom we bought her skin oil. Soldier and the Chief's family are fine and the woman moved to Blantyre and I'll pass your regards if I happen to meet her.

So the Breakdown of March 2009 Funds:

> Transport to and from Chikwawa $10.14

> Film/Develop/stationery $11.59

> 1 Bag of Maize $36.23

> 2 Tents $43.48
> 2 Goats $94.20
> Total $195.64

> Balance $4.36

Lastly, I hope this all that I have to write and today I was lucky to be using my friend Computer in his office. Pass my warm greetings to Louis, Gregory and Jeremiah. I have sent the photos on the Goat keeping Program, Breakdown and a letter.

Hope to hear from you soon.









347 W. 30th St Suite 2A

New York, NY 10001

212 564 1120



Marcia McBroom Small










































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The For Our Children’s Sake  Foundation Inc. has received distinguished recognition and support from the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid, the Office of The First Lady of Sierra Leone Ms. Kabba, President Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, the Office of The First Lady of New York State Matilda R. Cuomo, the Mayor’s Office of New York City, The New York City Department of Education, and the United Federation of Teachers.


The Envision Peace Initiative

Student delegation to Zimbabwe co-sponsored by the New York City Department of Education, the UNA, UNICEF, the Foreign Policy Association and the U.N. Centre Against Apartheid.

Apartheid Awareness Day, Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, at the U.N. (NYC)

Student delegation sent to Kenya and Tanzania.

The Day of the African Child co-chaired by Ms. McBroom-Small on behalf of New York Metro Committee for UNICEF.

A student delegation to Israel in cooperation with by the Manhattan Superintendent of New York City Department of Education.



For Our Children’s Sake Inc. Foundation student delegation receives credentials and attend NGO weekly briefings.

For Our Children’s Sake Inc. Foundation organizes over three hundred students from the tri-state area as special guests to the United Nations Development Project Awards for the International Day for the Elimination of Poverty


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Letter of Appreciation: The Little Sioux St Francis Mission

Letter of Appreciation:
The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Ms Kabba

The Student and Philanthropy Project Award, New York City Department of Education


Marcia McBroom-Small

Mrs. Marcia McBroom-Small comes from a family dedicated to political awareness and activism. Her mother, Marie Lee McBroom started a tradition for her daughters of traveling to the Motherland, and attending various events at the United Nations, early on in her life.  Her father, Dr. Marcus McBroom, Ph.D. (1921-2000) was also politically active and astute. He was a member of a small group of African American Wilberforce University students, invited to the White House by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, during FDR’s administration. Dr. McBroom and former wife Marie befriended and worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Marcia had the honor of meeting Dr. King as a young girl. Dr. McBroom also participated in numerous debates, which included Malcolm X as a participant.  Dr. McBroom also served as a speechwriter and colleague of the late Senator Robert Kennedy. 

Marcia McBroom-Small began her career as a dancer, actress and fashion model. As a result of a modeling assignment in London for the Nigerian market promoting “Lux Soap”, she portrayed the character “Susie Martins”. “Ms. Martins” became very popular throughout Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. At that same time, an advertising campaign had begun advocating the use of powdered milk to mothers in lesser-developed countries worldwide. Marcia McBroom decided to utilize her celebrity status and created a breast-feeding poster to promote the many benefits of “Mother’s Milk.” She donated the poster to UNICEF, and they distributed it worldwide.  Mrs. McBroom-Small later received a request from the New York State Department of Health to place the poster in clinics and WIC centers throughout the state.

During her travels to 33 countries throughout Africa, North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean as a performer, and later as a Goodwill Ambassador, Mrs. McBroom-Small realized many simple ways to bring about improvement in the lives of the people she visited. She realized how we, as American citizens take so much for granted.  Based on these experiences, she has dedicated a significant portion of her life to working at making a difference in a world where so many suffer needlessly.  Mrs. McBroom-Small encourages young people to see themselves as “Global Citizens”, empowered to make positive change in society through grassroots actions and deeds. She wanted to inspire young people with the knowledge and understanding that they can indeed create the world that so many envision.

Following this affiliation, she was asked to serve on the board of the NY Metropolitan Committee for UNICEF for 16 years. During that time, she went to West Africa as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF to Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast under the invitation of the now late President Thomas Sankara. 

Marcia McBroom-Small, a James Madison Fellow, has worked tirelessly as an educator and activist, to promote her vision of global awareness and international cooperation. She currently serves as a consultant for the N.Y. State Department of Education.  For Our Children’s Sake Foundation looks forward to many more years of dedicated service to the people of our global community.

Marcia McBroom-Small, Ms. Rachael N. Mayanja, Assistant Secretary-General, Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women at the United Nations, and Honorary Chairman Mr. Richie Havens are uniting to improve the inhuman conditions of the women in war-ravaged Darfur, Africa. As told to Ms McBroom-Small by a group of women during her UNICEF tour, “We are not looking for hand outs.  We just need a helping hand.”  We hope that you will be inspired to assist our vision of creating a more compassionate world, FOR OUR CHILDREN’S SAKE!




Marcia McBroom


Honorary Chair Person

For Our Children’s Sake Inc.


Senator Bill Bradley


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Voices for the Voiceless

Richie Havens


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Awards and Commendations

James Madison Memorial Fellowship
(New York State Recipient)

Letter of Congratulations upon receiving Fellowship, U.S. Senator Patrick Moynihan

The 1995 Teacher of the Year Award, Manhattan High Schools Superintendents Office

The 1996 & 2002 Who’s Who Among American’s Teachers

Breast-feeding poster commissioned by the New York State Department of Health

Achievement Award, The Friends of The Children of Lascaholas

Former and Present Committee and Board of Directors Memberships

The Metropolitan Committee for UNICEF

The United Nations Association of New York (UNA)

The Girl Scout Council of Greater New York

The Religious Education Association of the United States
and Canada

Community Board #6 Manhattan, New York

The Board of UNIFEM, New York chapter

New York State Department of Education Regents Review Committee

Special Consultant: The Fifty-First Anniversary of the United Nations:

Special Consultant: The United Nations Special Session on Africa (U.N.D.P.1998)

Goodwill Ambassador/Delegation of Educators/Guest of State

Burkina Faso (UNICEF.), Japan, China, Israel, Germany, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Ghana, Cote d’ Ivoire, and Sierra Leone


Created the First Human Rights Committee on a Community Board (6) in the history of New York City

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee “Blankets for Ethiopia” campaign

Created the poster for an International Breastfeeding campaign

The “Discover Burkina Faso” campaign