Friends of the Children of Lascahobas, Haiti (FCLH)New York, USA-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

Friends of the Children of Lascahobas
Ms. Estelle Dubisson has been closely working with Mrs. Marcia McBroom-Small importing goods for distribution throughout Haiti for more than a decade. Items include books to restock the devastated libraries, clothing, shoes, simple household goods and more....

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    'Petronella Danforth's Cultural Bazaar'. Numerous art pieces are for sale. Proceeds benefit the work of For Our Children's Sake and help fund the 1000 boxes of hope champagne and the FOCSF Malawi Chapter in Central Africa.

    Marcia McBroom's first film was the classic "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. Her character's name was Petronella Danforth. The Bazaar is named for this popular cult icon.     

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Voices For The Voiceless
  1. This event was created after Rachael Maiyanja, (then a  UN representative) requested that FOCSF  assist by bringing awareness and assistance in fund raising for the women and children in Darfur in the Sudan suffering a a result of the mass genocide there. The request came in 2006. The conflict on ongoing in 2011.

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The first event was held 2007. More concerts
to come.

Donations are welcome.
Chester Higgins Jr. Photography

  1.       100 Hi Everyone,
    I know that some of you are not in New York & therefore cannot attend, but I wanted all of you to know about this wonderful event.  I have known Chester Higgins for many years & he has worked for the NY Times for many years.  It is so great to know that there are those who are recording our history in so many different ways.  For those of you who can make it, please RSVP & I hope to see you there!

    Celebrate Womens' History Month